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9 tips to improve your presence on the Internet
What seems obvious when you run an Internet-centric business is not as easy for a more traditional company. We help you get established on the world's largest social networks?
By Sylvain Denans
January 5, 2021
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That's it, you want to work with the web! You will be able to broaden your consumer base, find new opportunities...your website is ready, your brand is just waiting to be promoted to international brand status and you are determined that the world will recognize it!

Good news, you already have an argument in your favor: you know you are a company and you know how important it is to develop it. With this reality in mind, you have an advantage in developing a plan that can put you ahead of the competition. Bad news, you're not the only one who knows this either; thousands of people around the world are looking to develop their presence on the Internet in the best possible way, possibly in the same field as you. Don't worry, it's not just the objective that counts. It's also about implementing an effective policy and taking certain steps that can create a positively recognized brand.

At, we want to help and encourage the proper development of your brand on the Internet with a few simple tips that will help build and sustain your presence in an optimal way.

Are you ready? Let's start working out the details that will set you apart from the rest.
1. Be visible and accessible The ability to be active is one of the first tips to create your presence. This is why we suggest that you be visible and accessible.

Success on the Internet is intimately linked to the potential to be visible and engage with others. A static profile is destined to die and, even worse, to have harmful ramifications on your brand in real life. One of the common characteristics of successful brands is determined by the active profile of the person who represents them.

This involves participating in workshops, seminars, making contacts and developing new opportunities. It is easier to make oneself visible and accessible in a virtual world: social networks, videos, forums, etc. There is no point in having products or a brand with excellent qualities if it is not promoted and nobody recognizes it.
2. Look for inspiration It's important to learn from the best, from those who have been and still are successful in what they do. It's not a matter of copying their strategies, but rather of being attentive to the key points that set them apart from others. To strengthen your own brand, take note of these attributes.

There are individuals and experts in a variety of fields who have succeeded in building a strong image for themselves or their brand, and who have managed to take their popularity and presence on the Internet to levels of success that are difficult to match. Find the public figure that best suits you, in your field of expertise if possible, and analyze the way he or she approaches topics, the tone employed...and try to replicate this at your scale.
3. Differentiate yourself from your competitors You are not alone! There are hundreds, even thousands of people selling the same services as you and creating directly competitive products. To surpass them, there is no alternative but to know how to stand out.

There is no magic formula for this. The easiest way is to study the market and observe your competition; you should be able to find out what could potentially make you different. It could be a medium that your competitors are not yet using, the way you communicate on social networks...

The advantage is that this research can definitively be conducted at the same time as the research in the previous paragraph!
4. Create synergies with other professionals To develop professionally in an individualized way can be a difficult path in an increasingly globalized world. The more contacts, experiences and collaborations you have with other professionals, the more you will be able to develop as a professional. Cooperation with others will increase the visibility of your brand and multiply personal and business opportunities.

Once again, social networks are an essential element in finding partners. Platforms like LinkedIn are an effective tool to create synergies and open up a wide range of contacts. You can also rely on training courses, conferences or events to encounter professionals who share similar goals to yours.
5. Pay attention to your image You may agree or disagree, but the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is a major key to success. There is no great brand that isn't associated with a great image, and you are no exception. In other words, your image on the Internet and your brand must be linked: one must talk about the other and vice versa.

Photos are an essential tool for showing your image to others. They must be meticulous in detail and be as professional as possible. No dark and blurry photos, prefer photos of a quality suited to what you want to represent.

And if you have to represent yourself, avoid photos taken at your friend's last costume party. Don't forget that your photos must above all show your professional side, your seriousness...and that of your company.
6. Use social networks to strengthen your brand To create, develop and enhance your personal brand, nothing is more interesting nowadays than social networks. From a western point of view, the "essential" networks you will have to use are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also, depending on the markets you are targeting, maintain a presence on VKontakte (Russian market), Naver (Korean market)...

In order to improve presence, each social network has its own characteristics and marketing techniques for optimal use. Facebook, for example, is the social network with the largest number of members and focuses on the contact between users and consumers. Using it to build audience loyalty is perfect.

Twitter, on the other hand, prefers brief messages and is better suited to offer information, promotions...everything is more instantaneous. Gaining an audience is also easier.

As for LinkedIn, it's perfect if you're targeting B2B.

A precise selection of the people you target is one of the keys to good communication on social networks. You can have the right message, but you must also have the right audience.
7. Develop a community around your brand As you develop your presence, promote it on multiple platforms to reach as many people as possible. Whether it is in blogs, social networks, the message must be conveyed to people so that they can generate interaction. Get people talking about you, and they will think of you.

It's important to create a community around the brand, as it provides valuable feedback. Positive reviews will attract more people, and with more people, more opportunities.

A group rarely develops spontaneously around a product or brand, you or your community manager will be responsible for creating and growing that community. This is why, as in the first article of this list, we insist on the importance of being visible and accessible.

It is important to provide interesting and useful information that will bring users to your brand. Neglecting this type of action could be one of the reasons why your brand is not progressing.
8. Patience and quality, the keys to success No surprise here, you have to work to accomplish something. Just because it's the Internet, doesn't mean that everything will miraculously fall into place without you lifting a finger. You have to focus on your brand every day to build something with it. Perseverance is an essential ingredient.

Your personal brand lives thanks to the public, and the public needs to receive information, data, short, reasons to stay subscribed to the content you will create.

In addition to good content, you should probably establish a routine of interaction on social networks to give your brand more visibility. For example, you can introduce a new product every Monday at 10:30 am and offer a discount on its price for the next 8 hours. This kind of action must be organized and well scheduled, neither too frequent nor too spaced out. There are tools integrated into social networks to know when your targets are most available; don't hesitate to use them to know what to post and especially when.
9. Good design is essential At this stage, you will recognize that your communication on the Internet, in all its aspects, must be based on a clear and coherent message. From promotional channels to messages and images, you need the right design. This will represent you, and must be done competently if you want it to enhance the growth of your brand. Your audience may turn away if this aspect is not properly mastered.

We think minimalist designs are interesting in more ways than one, because they are easier to maintain in the long run. You need to offer a uniform image on all your distribution channels: website, forum, social networks...the more complicated the graphic design is, the more likely you are to generate inconsistencies, especially if you have your designs executed by a service provider.
Our last piece of advice - you can start by creating a quality logo, it's the minimum to build a strong image. We have developed a logo generator that can automate this process, check it out on! Developed by real graphic designers and validated by real professionals, it will allow you to create your logo in less than a minute for a fraction of the real cost of a graphic designer. It's revolutionary and we're very proud of it!
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